At Pathway Asset Management, we are a Discretionary Fund Management company specializing in increasing clients’ capital.

We do this by utilizing ‘Focus Investing’, a style made famous by the sage of Omaha, Mr. Warren Buffett.

What we do

Pathway is part of IBC Group, whose entities are regulated by the FSC and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK.

Following our bespoke methodology since 1998, we have been able to unearth substantial value in international equity markets which has in turn allowed us to be more fundamental rather than event driven in our approach.

We principally trade large capitalised, long-only equities such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Nike, Glaxo, Apple, etc., with trades executed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and, in particular, the LSE.


This approach has served very well as a group for over two decades when we acquire stocks on behalf of our clients who have a longer horizon to seek gains over the years ahead.

Mr. Richard Baxter is the owner and founder of Pathway Asset Management and IBC Group.

For over 20 years, he has successfully owned and built companies in the financial services sector.

He is supported by a top level management team with a wealth of experience in Fund accounting and private banking.

Our Products

We have three main types of securities accounts for clients: Our Bespoke accounts, a range of Pooled Managed Securities accounts and a new Managed Regular savings account.

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Pathway Bespoke Account

Highly personalised investments, allowing us complete discretion to judiciously invest capital in a portfolio of stocks to dovetail with the client’s stated time horizon, rate of return, liquidity requirements and risk tolerances.


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Broker Bespoke Account

A financial advisor creates a range of products to suit their client’s individual needs. A suitably qualified advisor informs us to execute-only trades, allowing access to Stocks etc.


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Pooled Managed Securities Accounts

Our flagship series of pooled Managed Securities Accounts (MSAs) with a great history of profitability. Investors collectively benefit from our expertise in managing a high-quality range of large capitalised long-only equities. Choose from 4 MSA’s: A ‘Retirement account,’ an ‘Education Fee’s account,’ a ‘High-Income account,’ and a new ‘Defensive account.’


Investment Style

We meet all stringent industry standards for quality, compliance, accuracy and client service. This Fiduciary responsibility defines our relationship with clients and informs the basis of every decision we make on their behalf. This core principle is the foundation of our business, as we work to understand our clients’ needs and execute strategies to generate excess returns and provide top-class solutions.

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