Constantly reviewing daily market conditions, capping our leverage dynamically subject to portfolio volatility, maintaining asset and sector allocation parameters, monitoring geopolitical issues and on-going analysis of the Funds’ achievements ensures that our investment selections are performing and adhering to our goals and benchmark targets. The thematic fund products are carefully designed to take the complexity out of investing and offers investors a range of products appropriate to their risk appetites. Administered independently, investors can take comfort in the fact that the Fund valuations are accurate and unadulterated.

Investors records are kept remotely, ensuring continuity of our services. We embrace leading edge technology to enhance investors and third party promoters’ experience.

Internally we cross leverage ideas, which we believe, encourages creativity. As fund managers we are acutely focused on capital preservation; our risk controls also help align the expectations of investors with the performance of the investment vehicles that we manage.

Balancing macroeconomic views with grass root level demand analysis