PAM Capital maintains a deep commitment to client relations in order for clients to maintain a clear understanding about what drives us, the way we look at the financial markets, and to ensure a real alignment of interests between the firm and its clients. This commitment is manifested not only in what sophisticated investors have come to expect from asset managers by way of regular reporting but also by way of regular investor meetings where the PAM Capital management team shares its insights on particular holdings.

Notwithstanding that investors are seeking an above average return on their capital, as the dedicated fund managers for Olympic Wealth and Clearpath Fund SPC, PAM Capital seek to ensure that investors are well informed about a fund’s performance and how we have achieved this. This is fundamental to building an informed relationship.

A highly client-centric service standard is an essential part of our success. We continually disseminate intuitive, insightful information, fostering a real sense of understanding and involvement.

Taking a longer term view on corporate strategies