As an experienced global asset manager we decide on behalf of our third party fund sponsor clients how to construct a portfolio of assets that will achieve the fund’s particular investment objectives as the portfolio of underlying assets must adhere to the parameters outlined in the offering memorandum by our fund sponsor partners.

For third party funds where PAM Capital acts as fund manager we are fully responsible for the supervision of the investment vehicles as well as the following activities:

PAM Capital will shortly be a signatory to the United Nations’
‘Principles for Responsible Investing.
  • Implementation of the fund’s investment strategy;
  • Managing the portfolio’s trading activities;
  • Regularly meeting with investment analysts and company management teams to discuss company specific as well as market related matters/factors;
  • Researching companies and gathering information;
  • Maintaining market intelligence and macro models;
  • Assessing and interpreting financial information;
  • Liaising with clients.
  • We do not sell or purchase on market momentums;
  • Ongoing company research is completed;
  • Purchase of equities is undertaken primarily through JP Morgan;
  • Markets are monitored on a daily basis to determine optimal conditions for purchasing and selling;
  • Our stock selection is based on a ‘focus investing’ approach with potential for growth and dividends identified. We meticulously review company financial statements together with their financial ratios.