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What we do

At Pathway Asset Management, we specialise in the management of global Equities, using Warren Buffett’s techniques. 

With our fund management roots dating back to 1998, we have provided world class Asset management services for over 20 years, throughout the globe.

At Pathway we follow a ‘focus investing’ methodology used by Warren Buffett. This approach lets us focus on unearthing value in international equity markets, thus allowing us to be more fundamental, as opposed to event-driven, in nature. We are ourselves long term shareholders in the companies that we invest in, compared to other more speculative managers.

About Us

Our team of highly experienced staff, which is led by our CEO Richard Baxter, meet all stringent industry standards for quality, compliance, accuracy and client service. 

This Fiduciary responsibility defines our relationship with clients and informs the basis of every decision we make on their behalf. This core principle is the foundation of our business, as we work to understand our client’s needs, offer informed advice and execute strategies to generate excess returns and provide top class solutions.

Our Investment Style

With the present economic climate of austerity, sovereign debt and Wall Street unaccountability, our Directors turned to investment principles and values that have been in existence since the 1930’s.

We adhere to the principles of ‘focus investing’ for the investment vehicles we manage, which was codified in Benjamin Graham’s book ‘Security Analysis’ in 1934. This still resonates today. Indeed, the best-known disciple of this investing style is Warren Buffett, one of the world’s most respected investors. Focus investing revolves around the identification of companies that are distinctly well run, have a distinct marketing edge versus their industry peer group, and have long-term growth prospects as a result of proprietary assets, brand equity or market dominance.

Significant time spent during the investment process, allows us to take a longer-term view on a company’s outlook whilst building in external factors such as global political and macroeconomic/microeconomic conditions.

This investment style also involves maintaining a concentrated portfolio of stocks that have a higher statistical probability of outperforming the markets over an extended period of time. Our philosophy is to hold a small portfolio of outstanding stocks or funds that we have extensively researched and fully understand. Less is more.

Our Products

Our flagship products are our range of Managed Securities Accounts (MSA’s.) These Omnibus Equity trading accounts, operated by us on a ‘Pooled’ basis, start at 10,000 USD, EUR or GBP.

We currently have 3 MSA’s: A ‘Retirement account’, an ‘Education Fee’s account’ and a ‘High Income account.’ We aim to launch 2 other such accounts in 2020.

We principally hold stock in large capitalised companies with many household names such as Apple, IBM, Coca-Cola, and Nike represented.

Separate to the MSA’s, we also have a ‘Bespoke’ account which carries a higher entry level of 100,000 USD, EUR or GBP. From this account, we can truly tailor a range of Equities to suit an individual’s required Income/Growth levels, risk requirements and time horizon.   

We deeply follow Warren Buffett’s style to analyse, execute and manage Global Long only, large capitalised stocks contained in each MSA. By using Warren’s techniques, our research is deep, while our trading volume is light by industry standards, as we prefer to buy and hold long-term. These accounts are therefore not suited to short term trading.  

USD trades are executed via our Prime Broker JP Morgan with assets custodized by JP’s Custodial Services. For EUR and GBP trades, we use the services of Argon F.S, with assets custodized by Sumitomo Bank in London.

Our Contacts

We would to hear from you. If you have any questions or queries, just drop us a line and we’ll try and respond within 24hrs.

Our Address

Pathway Asset Management
83 Baker Street,
London, W1U 6AG.

Phone Numbers

Office: +1246 432 7020
Cell: + 971 56 368 4333

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